“The implementation of an IT solution such as Notilus reflects the company’s maturity: it structures the processes…”


Founded in 1972,ATOL, the brand of opti-cians and distribution of optical appliances (glasses and lenses), ranks 3rd French brand in terms of awareness and number of stores, and 4th in terms of turnover (€350 million in 2012). It has 210 employees spread accross 2 sites. ATOL is the only brand ISO 9001 and 14001 certified in its market.


  • The « consumers » of expense reports at ATOL are the expansion representatives (try to find stores), the opticians/facilitators (responsible for the implementation of the institutional communication in the stores), and the managers. 70 mobile workers are therefore concerned by the subject of expense reports.
    Several reasons have prompted Jean-Marc Piat, Assistant Information Systems Manager, to implement a solution to automate the expense report management process:
  • Validation workflow too heavy at all levels : employee, manager, management control, and Executive Management;
  • Very long reimbursement period for the « frequent travellers », which some-times amounts one and a half months for the reimbursement of the expenses;
  • Processing time too long.
    At the origin of the project, JM Piat has deviated from the principle in force within the ATOL company, which is to develop the tools internally. « The solution would have been difficult to maintain, in spite of the 36 people who work within the IT,Department, taking into account the permanent legal develoments affecting the expense reports sector. » JM Piat favoured then the choice of an external business solution.


Seduced by Notilus, JM Piat did not really undertake a competitive study: « I have had the opportunity to exchange with customers and users of Notilus during the Forum DIMO, an institutional event organised each year by DIMO Gestion, publisher of Notilus. They gave me their experience feedback on the implementation and use of Notilus. They provided me with their analysis of the competing products of Notilus and shared the reasons for their choice for this solution with me. Finally, it is the customers who sold me the solution! »

The three reasons for my choice:

  • Cost of the solution
  • Accessibility
  • Excellent customers’ feedbacks


In coordination with the CFO, JM Piat has put together a file so as to submit it to theManaging Director (cost, return on investment, consultation with the sales enginners). « After acceptance of the project, we aimed at being operational in January 2009. I am pleased with the schedule progress, the deadlines have been met ».

  • The installation was carried out during the last quarter of 2008,
  • A consultant at DIMO Gestion trained a dozen people (key users), who trained themselves the teams at ATOL,
  • December 2008 (1 month) : implementation of Notilus with a pilot group consisting of 3 people (Sales Manager, Deputy Sales Manager, and commercial director and Facilitating Manager for the opticians/facilitators).
  • Deployment in January 2009.


At company level

  • Gains on time,
  • Compliance with the reimbursement policy. The rules have been reexamined and formalised on the occasion of the implementation of Notilus, then have been integrated into the solution.At end user level
  • Gains on time
  • Employees’ satisfaction, who are reimbursed more quickly and can trace the expense report and monitor its status in the workflow.

Before the implementation, the process was lenghty and unreliable. “Thanks to the use of Notilus, the employee has gained a real usability
The implementation of an IT solution such as Notilus reflects the company’s maturity : it structures the processes and eliminates paper documents. Today, Notilus is and advantage that I put forward to new employees!”