“Banque Palatine integrates all Notilus modules for the automation of the expense report management process and saves €200,000 on its annual travel budget.”


Banque Palatine, BPCE Group’s corporate and wealth banking, is aimed at supporting the entrepreneurs in the completion of their projects, both personal and professional. It is a subsidiary of the BPCE Group, 2nd French Banking group (36 million customers, 117,000 employees). Banque Palatine deploys its expertise among mid-cap companies, institutional players, property managers, and real estate professionals.
It also provides servicces and advice to entrepreneurial private asset customers, liberal professionals, managers, non residents, and pensioners.



Originally, a travel manager was responsible for managing all the employees’travels through the website of a single travel agency. The expense reports were then manually processed and reimbursed.
Having put in place the automated process of travel booking, the General Services department decided to go even further in the optimisation of the travel chain by implementing a solution to automate the travel & expense report management process in addition to the booking via the agency. This new organisation is aimed at facilitating the travel order management and at producing a record of the trips.
The decision to otpimise this area was made after other economic logic decisions : the travel manager’s retirement, who was not replaced, as well as the desire to make every user responsible.
« To carry out this mission, I set up a test group of about thirty people, consisting of one of the audit support departments who are led to travel regularly, and a regional management. » specified Patricia Mandrillon, in charge of the project.


The solution adopted was to enable:

  • a better management and distribution of the workload in the department,
  • a squeeze and a monitoring of the expense budget relating to the business expenses,
  • an empowerment of employees faced with these expenses,
  • an optimised accounting process,
  • a traceability for the monitoring of each action,
  • a greater satisfaction of internal customers,
  • the compliance with the travel policy in place through its integration into the selected system.


The ability to retain Egencia as tour operator has guided our decision to implement Notilus. The contact established with DIMO Gestion’s teams and the advice provided to carry out the project have aslo seduced the incumbent General Services Director.
The Notilus project scope was therefore expanded to the whole process related to the employees’travel: management of booking, mission orders, and expense reports. It was expanded to the management of the travel provider invoices and to the ability to consolidate all the travel data for analysis purpose. Nowadays, Banque Pallatine relies on the entire Notilus platform: Travel, Expense, Invoice, and Decision, to manage the whole process: before, during, and after the travel, via Notilus.


“A large engagement of internal and external employees has made a success of the project.” emphasised Patricia Mandrillon.
“The monitoring and support of DIMO Gestion’s project leader reassured our managers. The added value of men is very important in this type of projects, and DIMO Gestion’s teams have really supported us in the change management, they have been very present and responsive.” stated P. Mandrillon. We have installed a secure line (compensation of employees, bank details, etc.), and then organised the training in the application, in order to ensure the success of the launch and the acceptance by everyone


The deployment of the Notilus modules has had real impacts on our company:

  • For users :
    The repayment period is much faster : it is happening from 3 weeks to 5 days.
    Autonomy and time gains have been noted.
  • For managers/validators :
    The validation by the manager is made easier and sped up by the integration of a workflow within Notilus.
  • For administrators :
    Overall, there is a better satisfaction of internal customers, an important responsiveness gain, as well as an autonomy gain regarding the setting up, thus enabling to integrate any change of the travel policy.
  • For the company :
    In general, this approach has enabled Banque Palatine to structure the whole process; the travel policy has been completely reviewed, which ensures the compliance with the rules: a better squeeze and readability of expenses supports the compliance with the travel policy and ensures a real cost efficiency.

“Our annual travel budget (€1.4 million) has decreased by €200,000.” welcomed P. Mandrillon, thanks to the new organization.
The automatic entry transfer through the Notilus interface and the use of the company card has enabled the accounts payable department to save a full-time position and therefore to produce a significant financial gain.


The successful implementation of the project resulted in several additional reflection: one is about integrating the management of the Banque Palatine business cards, the other is about the need for more statistical reports on the travel data. It is about automatically creating the definitive queries. The files will be sent to each Department to provide them with indicators and enable them to monitor their budgets. Banque Palatine is also implementing the Notilus Analysis function to respond to this demand, which is a matter of cost accounting.