Present worldwide in the domains of manufacturing as well as distribution of winter sports equipment, the Rossignol Group simplifies expense reports pro-cessing via Notilus in ASP mode.


Rossignol devises and creates a whole range of products destined to the practice of mountain sports. It is specialized in skiing activities, and therefore devises ski bindings, ski boots and equipment, as well as snowboarding articles and cross-country skiing gear and a full collection of technical and casual textile wear.
Our commitment: to support the practice of sport through the proposal of products devised with the help of last generation technology and the exper-tise of a centenary firm.


At the end of every month, 300 expense reports must be dealt with, one hundred of which are fairly simple, composed of approximately ten lines, coming from management or other services. One hundred of the others are much more substantial, concerning salespeople and the ex-portation services, marketing to assure the promotion of products, racing technicians travelling worldwide…


René Allirot, responsible for accounting, has relied on Notilus for 15 years to manage the problems related to expense management.
Before installing Notilus to provide the automation of expense management, its handling by different services could mobilize a number of people for results that were not always reliable :

  • Multiplications and additions were to be done numerous times, “as many currencies as countries come into play”.
  • Verification had to be made as to the respect of the group travelling policy (meals / hotel nights / tolls).
  • Cash advances management, etc.


At the start of each month, the accounting service integrates the corporate credit cards statements received from the bank via secure banking communication into the Notilus system.

The employees only has to

  • Approve the fees paid by card: origin of the fee and VAT amount are already noted, one only has to verify its nature (coded by default).
  • Input the fees paid in cash.
  • Indicate the numbers on the re-ceipts as their entry takes place.
  • Submit the receipts and approve the expense report sending it to be validated.

As to accounting services:

  • Quick checking: the reports are numbered and the receipts easily verifiable.
  • Removal of currency reprocessing.
  • Simpler modification of maximum amounts;
  • Reduction of verifications due to a decrease in the amount of cash payments.
  • Simpler system of requesting the missing receipts.
  • Simplification of controls and approvals: “nothing is lost!”
  • A possibility to create statistics, especially in relation to employees and expens


“Having being using Notilus for over 15 years, Rossignol is an old client to DIMO Gestion.We have therefore experienced the evolution of the product.
As a matter of fact, the implementation of the Notilus solution allowed us to go from a very complex system of Excel files to a much simpler automated system. Notilus has simplified our expense management.
We have equally evolved in the choice of our corporate credit cards: at the start we used company debit cards, and then went on to use employee debit cards, which removed the delays we were experiencing in the creation of the expense reports by
the employees.
ASP mode: we have also evolved in relation to the system used to connect to the Notilus application. Our decision to host the Notilus solution within the editor presents various advantages: we withdraw ourselves from the computer software aspect, we have a single contact, which is the Hotline, and we also benefit from regular updates and automatically receive new versions of the system.
VAT management: In Notilus, VAT rates management now is very simple, and eases the task of the person in charge of the expense reports, who can verify everything much faster. VAT recovery is also simplified and allows a worthwhile financial gain.
Lots of progress is also presented within the User Clubs. This annual event allows us to keep up with the new versions, to give our opinion about the development experienced and to exchange ideas with the Notilus product teams.


“The Notilus solution has known how to develop, keeping in pace with the market’s development, responding to the clients’ needs and proposing innovations. The Notilus project has really light-ened the burden of management and inputting of expense reports”, concludes a satisfied René ALLIROT.